NuEra Tight with Focal technology


NuEra Tight with FocalRF technology is a revolutionary, non-invasive RF body platform equipped with the means to treat several concerns. 

Offering you the complete solution, FocalRF technology uses multiple RF frequencies to dial in the depth of energy penetration taking into account tissue thickness variations between body areas. Delivering both superficial and deep heating to treat a variety of conditions such as skin laxity and the temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite, its all-in-one capabilities allow you to personalize treatments to address the problems expressed. 

RF harnesses the power of heat to induce collagen contraction and creation, kick-starting the body's own healing mechanism and yielding effective, natural-looking results without the harshness of chemicals. But to fully treat cellulite, clinicians need to target the deep tissue layers, from the dermis down to the subcutaneous fat cells capability that RF has not had -  until now.

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Frequently Asked

What will the treatment look like? 

Everybody is different, so every treatment should be, too. NuEra Tight offers an unparalleled level of personalization, with clinicians able to adjust treatments depending on the body area, patients' skin thickness, moisture levels, and problem severity. Thanks to its groundbreaking FocalRF technology, it is the first device to target all tissue depths, right down to the deep fat pocket and connective tissue. This deep heat provides the most powerful, non-invasive cellulite and sculpting treatment yet.