A Powerful, Quenching Facial 

The Geneo Facial combines an aqua-delivery system, skin revitalizing solutions, and Hydrogen therapy for a multi-dimensional skincare treatment. 

The unique treatment protocol is based on the innovative OxyPod capsule, which combines the beneficial active ingredients together with the exfoliating and oxygenating elements. By using the OxyPod, the user both prepares the skin for treatment and infuses the active ingredients in a single action, thus ensuring a safe and highly effective result. 

Geneo treatments can be offered to a wide variety of skin types, ages, and needs, making it a perfect solution for ongoing maintenance of the skin, for targeted treatment of specific skin conditions, and for maintenance and enhancement of skin improvement following a surgical procedure. 

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Frequently Asked

What does the treatment process look like? 

Geneo+ U  is a microdermabrasion system providing safe, effective, and simple facial treatments. Microdermabrasion is a mechanical process based on the concept of exfoliation of the upper layer of skin cells. During this process, the body interprets this activity as a mild injury to the skin and begins to produce healthy new skin cells instead. 

Geneo+ U also includes a massager head providing a more vibrant appearance and leaving the complexion with a fresher and more toned look.