About 49 million Americans suffer from a degree of dry eye disease. The condition significantly affects an individual's quality of life; symptoms include the sensation of something in the eye, blurry vision, pain, and dry or watery eyes. If left untreated, dry eye disease can lead to further health issues. 

OptiLight is a non-invasive treatment that concentrates on the skin around the delicate eye area to address dry eye symptoms. It works by channeling concentrated pulses of light to reduce inflammation associated with dry eye disease. Benefits include: 

  • Gland functionality 
  • Reducing the number of blood vessels leading to inflammation 
  • Eliminating bacteria living around the eye area 
  • Boosting tear break-up time 

With OptiLight, you can safely manage your dry, irritated eye symptoms for lasting comfort. The treatment is quick with minimal discomfort, typically 10-15 minutes per session. 

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Frequently Asked

What happens during the treatment? 
During treatment, a smooth gel will be applied to the treatment area and your eyes will be protected by a shield cover. You may experience a warming sensation as the light moves over your skin.